Configuring TMG for Office 365 Exchange 2013 Hybrid deployments rule test fails.


  • I am running Server 2012 R2 with Exchange 2013 SP1 CU9. I am using the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant and I am at Configure Hybrid Deployment Prerequisites > Configure Exchange Web Services. I have configured my services and set the virtual directories to use ""

    I am using article configure my TMG server. I have performed all the steps to the letter setting up for my environment.

    I am now setting the properties and adding the paths. to this point every time I test the new rule it PASSES. I added and verify are listed under Public Name tab and test the rule and it PASSES.

    Then I select the paths tab and add the paths listed below and remove the default “/*” path, and then apply those changes
    ◦ /autodiscover/autodiscover.svc

    When I test the rule it FAILS

    I have verified in Powershell that the directories are correct. Any help on troubleshooting this issue would be appreciated.

    I cannot run the Hybrid Wizard until I can perform the connectivity test and I cannot perform the connectivity test until the rule is in place.

    Please assist if you can

    Thank you


    Wednesday, September 16, 2015 12:13 PM

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  • Hi Steve, I wanted to see if you could find any solution regarding the configuration to be done in the TMG for the hybrid configuration between Exchange Onpremise and Office 365.

    I would appreciate any data that I can help with this topic, and see the TechNet Forums but I still can't set the point-to-point setting to perform the Migració From mailboxes to Exchange Online.

    Marco Callisaya

    Wednesday, January 31, 2018 8:32 PM