System Center 2012 - Help with SSL Certificate


  • I am running System Center 2012 on a single server.  I have an SSL certificate issued through IIS 7 as a Domain CA certificate request.  This works but gives an invalid certificate warning when browsing to the catalog.  The error is because the certificate is issued to the FQDN and the portal link is the machine name (netbios).  

    I have tried creating a certificate using the MMC certificate snap - creating a web server certificate with both the FQDN and the netbios name in the alternative name section.  When I change the binding to use this certificate, my certificate warning goes away but the catalog portal then shows an error "cannot connect to the application server".   Also, if instead of browsing to https://netbios/cmapplicationcatalog  I browse to https://FQDN/cmapplicationcatalog I am prompted for my domain credentials.  I am not prompted if I use the netbios url which is the link in the System Center 2012 Software Center.

    Please direct me to information on what I need to do to get my SSL certificates setup correctly. 

    Thank you

    Fred Zilz

    Monday, April 09, 2012 5:18 PM


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