Group Policy to disable Local Administraor Password Change


  • Dear All,

    I want to apply a gpo where no one except desktop support / helpdesk can reset Local administrator password

    1. I have created a GPO

    2. Computer COnfiguration - Preferences - Control Panel Settings  - Local Users & Groups

    3. I have updated

    1. Rename Administrator account,  
    2. Administrator Account with Password never expires ,
    3. User cannot change password option

    I have enabled this and moved a computer in Test OU on which this GPO is applied.

    When I ask my user to try to change the local administrator password he is able to change it successfully. My user is already Local administrator on the machine.  Number 1 successfully works but 2 and 3 doesn't get applied.

    Someone please help me why the policy is not getting applied.

    Monday, April 13, 2015 9:40 AM


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