Machine starts itself without anyone turning it ON and Bitlocker recovery key screen is shown


  • Hi Team,

    We see that computers are getting turned ON on Monday automatically and would show bitlocker recovery screen.

    Logs show an event as below after the shutdown log ends. There are no event logs shown in between the shutdown event and Bitlocker event shown below.

    Bootmgr failed to obtain the BitLocker volume master from tpm Event ID: 24636

    I dont see any scheduled tasks triggering the startup.

    Wake ON LAN option is disabled (Unchecked).

    Troubleshooting done are as below

    1-Suspend bitlocker - Restart PC.

    2- Resume Bitlocker if not auto resumed.

    ----- Above did not help , so performed below steps

    1- Suspend Bitlocker.

    2- Decrypted the drives.

    3- Updated BIOS and chipset.

    4- Verified BIOS - whether Primary HDD is First boot device.

    5- Re-encrypted the Drives.


    We dont know what causes PC to turn ON itself and go to the recovery screen,

    And also let us know if there is any way to find out exactly what triggered Bitlocker to go to recovery Mode.

    Please help regarding this issue.



    Tuesday, November 29, 2016 12:21 PM

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