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  • I'm looking for a recommendation for a 17" laptop with backlit keyboard. I am an author so need good (backlit) keyboard response, a high-quality display (for photo editing) and a total (yes TOTAL) lack of bloat/malware. Lenovo is out of the question. I gather they no longer ship the Superfish virus but I have been unable to discover what virus they have replaced it with. 

    HP laptops are also out of the question. It is an HP laptop I want to bin. I have never seen such bloatware. A scandalous barrier to productivity.

    I just want a high-quality laptop in order to write.

    Some years ago, I had a Dell Studio. Amongst the bloatware was a piece of annoying software that put up a screen every time I hit the Caps Lock key. Unfortunately, the idiot Dell designer of this particular piece of software managed to hog the laptop's resources to such an extent that whatever I typed in the next few seconds was totally lost. My current HP laptop has similar issues. The HP bloatware is so bloated that I have to wait several seconds before I can even start typing into the Password field to log on.

    Any ideas?

    Friday, January 29, 2016 10:21 PM