Micosoft System Center 2012 - Service Manager : How to modify the Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I am having issues regarding importing Configuration Item using CSV file. Is there a way to modify the Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer class to suite are requirement of the information we will be importing ? Currently, this is what the Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer class:

    <Class Type="Microsoft.Windows.Server.Computer">
      <Property ID="PrincipalName" />
      <Property ID="IsVirtualNode" />
      <Property ID="DNSName" />
      <Property ID="NetbiosComputerName" />
      <Property ID="NetbiosDomainName" />
      <Property ID="IPAddress" />
      <Property ID="NetworkName" />
      <Property ID="ActiveDirectoryObjectSid" />
      <Property ID="IsVirtualMachine" />
      <Property ID="DomainDnsName" />
      <Property ID="OrganizationalUnit" />
      <Property ID="ForestDnsName" />
      <Property ID="ActiveDirectorySite" />
      <Property ID="OffsetInMinuteFromGreenwichTime" />
      <Property ID="LastInventoryDate" />
      <Property ID="ObjectStatus" />
      <Property ID="AssetStatus" />
      <Property ID="Notes" />
      <Property ID="DisplayName" />

    I would like to have the following objects in my class:

       <Class Type="Microsoft.Windows.Computer">
          <Property ID="Account Info: TAG"/>
          <Property ID="Last Inventory"/>
          <Property ID="Computer Name"/>
     <Property ID="Memory (MB)"/>
     <Property ID="CPU Speed (MHz)"/>
     <Property ID="Computer Name"/>
     <Property ID="Operating System Version"/>
     <Property ID="Computer Model"/>
     <Property ID="IP Address"/>
     <Property ID="MAC Address"/>

    Can I create a new class instance ?

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