MDT Task Sequence Hangs At Reg.exe Add


  • I have two task sequences to deploy Windows 10, one Development and one Production. At the moment they are essentially identical apart from the Domain join in the Production TS. This is controlled in the CustomSettings.ini file via TaskSequenceID variable section.


    After the "Postinstall" phase I have a few custom tasks, one of which runs a Command Line to add a registry key for WSUS settings.

    "reg.exe add KeyName /v ValueName /t Type /d Data"


    This works fine in the Dev TS but for some reason hangs in the Prod TS. There is nothing in the log files (that I can find) to indicate any difference between the two task sequences.


    I have also noticed that in the Prod TS Cortana blerts out something like "We're just setting a few things up" or similar which does not happen during the Dev TS.


    Anyone come across this before? Anyone know where I can start to look?


    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, October 12, 2018 4:53 AM