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  • We have a command line app that is automatically / periodically launched throughout the day via bat file (app runs does it processing then terminates).   Occasionally, this executable will crash. Hoping to get a crash dump from Debug Diag for further debugging.  Note, there is no active target when configuring Debug Diag as the exe has not run yet.  

    Can Debug Diag be set up to monitor an EXE that is not currently running but will be intermittently launched throughout the day?

    Also, not entirely sure what the application error is.  Just know that it is fatal to the app.  Do I have to configure a custom crash rule?  Can Debug Diag be triggered to dump from a blanket all fatal exceptions rule?

    Debug Diag

    Windows Server 2008 R2 X64

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  • Ended up having to use sysinternals procdump because we could only 

    Figure out how to config debug diag for fatal exceptions and not first chance exceptions.

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