Single IE 9 session, multiple tabs - Message: This Page is No Longer Available RRS feed

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  • We use Peoplesoft within a browser.  We had some software upgrades including an upgrade to IE 9.  When I open multiple tabs within a single browser instance, I used to manage unique activities in each tab.  Say I open an "Items" menu in one tab and a "Requisition" menu in another tab, then do work or investigation within the Items tab.  If I start to work within the Requisition tab, in less than a minute the content of the Requisition tab will clear and I get the message "THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE."  And "To continue, return to your most recent active page or select one of the navigation icons in the header above." 

    Whatever I saw in the Items tab now is duplicated in the Requisitions tab after the error message is displayed.  All work in the Requisitions screen is replaced by a duplicate of the previous tab.

    No back button is used at any time.

    Our I.T. says it's Peoplesoft and Peoplesoft says it's the browser.  I have a feeling there is a setting within IE 9 that can be tweaked to turn off this bleeding between tabs.  It didn't bleed between tabs in the previous version of IE.  Any inspiration? Suggestions?

    Friday, August 7, 2015 11:18 PM