Vista SP1 Update Blocks Chat Rooms From Loading RRS feed

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    The problem is that since I installed the Vista SP1 update, I have been unable to enter my frequent chat rooms. One of the websites/ chats is a WOW styled online game called Fiesta by Outspark. The game worked until the SP1 update. I have checked with Outspark's support team and they are telling me that it is the SP1. They have a large number of players who are now unable to play. They seem to think that there was a firewall change that will not let the chat games to load.

    Has anyone else noticed this and has anyone found a way to fix this?  I would like to find a work around or patch and even thought about un-installing SP1. When I tried to uninstall the SP1, it said that security updates are NON-REMOVEABLE.  Apparently there is no way to do this. I hate to think that I have to re-format my hard drive to get SP1 off my machine.


    Annoyed Greatly

    Friday, April 4, 2008 2:09 AM