WSS 3.0 sp2 alerts or notifications fail intermittently RRS feed

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  • Hi there. I've seen a lot of posts about Sharepoint alerts/notifications not working as expected. When the alerts do not work at all, there's a fix. When they work intermittently, there appears to be no solution.

    -WSS 3.0 sp2 on Win2k8 R2, SQL 2005 back-end on a separate server, SMTP on a separate server 

    I have two separate incidents regarding alerts and notifications from Sharepoint. I think they are symptoms of the same problem, but I have submitted them separately. The base issue is that Sharepoint intermittently fails to send alerts and or notifications - and doesn't appear to log these failures. My question is, where can I look to find a log entry like 'tried to send an alert/notification to user x, failed for reason y'? I have checked in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\LOGS, and searched those logs for every relevant string I could think of, and could find no evidence of a failure or error.

    Part 1: I had a sharepoint user (read access) who got his initial 'you have successfully create an alert' e-mail, but no subsequent alerts. I tested the alerts several times yesterday, and they would not work for him. However, they worked for me, and for two other test users with the same privileges as the original user.

    He recreated the alerts, and we tested again, but no luck. This morning, I had several e-mails advising that content had been added to the list in question (the regular site admin had added new content), along with an email from the original user stating that he was receiving alerts now. Any suggestions as to what happened here, so I can do the same thing next time? Maybe recreating the alerts did the trick, but that is a work-around, not a solution.

    Part 2:
    The feature we were testing was e-mail notification in the absence of a defined alert. When a document in a list (change requests) is created, modified or reassigned, the person in the assignee field should recieve an e-mail.

    This feature works for me and a few members of the team, but it does not work for all team members. I checked the account setup for all of the team members and could not find any differences between the accounts.

    I checked the site setup, and it is using SMTP on a remote server. The SMTP service is running. Besides - if it can send mail to me and a few others, the mail subsystem must be working. The sharepoint timer service is running, too, under a domain service account.

    I created a test change request and assigned it to three different team members (one at a time). Two of the team members received it, one did not. I continued testing, and eventually the third member received the alert.

    So, the system knows the third team member's name and e-mail address, and is capable of sending mail to that user. However, it does not always do so. Again, I cannot find any evidence of the failures - it seems only successful operations are logged. SMTP server logs show successful sends but no evidence of having handled the failed messages. User does not have anything in her junk mail folder and no applicable e-mail rules that would redirect these messages.

    I suspect the failure is occurring on the Sharepoint server, within the Sharepoint application, but I can find no evidence of failure at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\LOGS. Should I be looking somewhere else? Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

    Friday, October 28, 2011 4:17 PM