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  • Hello all,

    we are migrating a big fileshare (1,4TB) to SharePoint 2013 .We want to copy all the files over to the SharePoint libraries over the weekend; and afterterwards keep the files from the fileshare syncronizing with the SharePoint server so it has the latest version of the data on the Sharepoint at the time we actually go live with the SharePoint and "freeze" the fileshare.

    For that I connected the SharePoint library as a  Networkdrive (using WebDAV) and i wanted to use tools like Robocopy or Fastcopy to do the actual syncjobs. Both of them have one way syncronizing features that actually work pretty good normaly. But here comes my problem:

    When I syncronize files to the sharepoint with this tools something is changing the "last modified date" of the file on the SharePoint side to the current date and time. This has as a consequence that in all subsequent sync jobs the programs sees the files as changed files and wants to syncronize them again. Consequence of this is that it writes the same files over and over again.

    The change of the "modfied" date happens to me in nearly all of the tools I tried (Copy, Xcopy, Robocopy, Fastcopy, and some others).

    I used this command in Robocopy for example:

    robocopy "Source" "Destination" /E /COPY:DAT /DCOPY:T /MIR /V /L

    Anyhow the date at the destination changed.

    There are programs that can write to the SharePoint in WebDAV mode and keep its Timestamp (SPFilezilla, SPsync, Onedrive Client, SyncToy, or Windows Explorer); but sadly they don't fullfill all the caractertistics I need for the program.

    What i need is a way to make "real" one way syncronizations from the source (fileshare) to the destination (SharePoint).

    That means that after the syncjob is done, I have the same state of files on the SharePoint as on the fileshare, including the timestamps and files deleted on Source side being deleted on destination side.

    I hope I could make clear what my problem is.
    You guys have any recommendations what I could do, since i am running out of ideas here.

    Thanks a lot and with kind regards,


    Wednesday, November 25, 2015 7:46 PM