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  • hello -

    I'm new to sharepoint designer, and have run up against the following issue:

    In Sharepoint Designer 2007, I connect to a site which supports Frontpage extensions via (site: http://www.xxxxx.xcom, username (from ISP), password). In the root of the site, I right-clicked and created a new folder, in which I placed several critical files. Another team member attempted to use Microsoft Frontpage to connect to the same site. Once connected, he can see all other files/folders, but he is unable to see the folder that I created using Sharepoint Designer 2007. I tried right-clicking the folder from S.D. 2007 and modifying the permissions..."Allow anonymous uploads to this directory", etc..but he is still unable to see the folder.

    Can anyone provide some ideas as to what may be causing this issue? It seems permission-related, but I'm not sure what I need to do on my end to make the files visible to others who may be using different web editing software.

    On a side note, when if I FTP into the root of the web site using FileZilla, I am able to see the new folder just fine.



    hello - another added note - the first character of the new folder that I created is an underscore "_". I saw here on the forums that this could cause the folder to be hidden to other clients? Can someone verify this? If so, I have already set up several sites within this folder, and if I rename it to remove the leading underscore character, it would be a lot of work to have to re-point everything to the new folder path. Any ideas?

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  • I just discovered that if you name a folder starting with an underscore, the folder is created as "hidden".  This caused some confusion for my customer as well.  They interact with the folders quite a bit using windows explorer and we noticed that the folders weren't showing up until we changed the folder options to "show hidden".

    I've NO idea why SharePoint would be designed to do this. Makes little sense if you ask me.


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