Exclude Contents of Folders from Firewall


  • Is there a way to exclude the contents of a folder from the Firewall rules? Meaning, instead of pointing to a specific file and excluding it, can I use a wild card and excuse all the files in a folder or all the files that start with kln instead of specific files klgagent.exe and nlnchagt.exe...

    Probably not, but figured I would ask.

    Also, can I exclude more than one port per entry in the GPO to open? So instead of creating a rule for 80 and 21 and 443 etc, couldn't I make one for them all? Or what about ranges, like if I have a program that uses 200 through 225; Instead of making one for each port doing a range?

    80:TCP: Service

    maybe like 80,21,443,370:TCP:,


    Friday, July 31, 2015 8:10 PM