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  • Hi, I am using Windows 7 x64 on a pretty fast machine(2600k, 8GB RAM, GTX580), and suffering from a very weird problem, this problem appears only on a fresh install of Win 7, it was fine on my previous install of the same win 7 x64(which was around 8 months old), let me explain.

    I am connected to the internet via a modem, but I have to dial a connection using PPPOE dialler(that comes with windows), now when the modem is switched on but the connection is not established there is a significant delay in launching any application after opening them from explorer(double click, or open from start menu, or context menu). There is no hard disk activity during this delay. On further investigation I found that two windows process, System and svchost are trying to connect to internet during this time, the application is launched after they either get a confirmation or a request timeout. System process is Listening on multiple ports while svchost is attempting to ping my dns servers. And applications will only launch if it fails or succeeds, if the internet is connected then it works fine(as it gets a response), or if I disconnect the LAN cable then it also works as system detects no connection and does not attempt to ping any servers but if the LAN cable is connected but no connection established then all goes to hell, the internet request takes some time to register a timeout and during that time nothing happens. I have seen this kind of behaviour in games as they try to connect to internet(for multiplayer) but that did not bother me much, but this issue is turning me mad, once launched apps run absolutely fine.

    This problem also effects start up program launch, when lan is disconnected, all start up programs launch in minutes, if its connected but no internet connection then it take nearly 5 minutes or more for all the start up programs to launch, this issue is plaguing every application. I can't seem to figure the problem out.

    My Software Config:

    Win 7 x64 SP1(updated)

    Avast 7 Antivirus.

    Comodo Firewall V5.9(only firewall, no defense+)

    Also running on Startup: Bluetooth apps from atheros, logitech setpoint(for mice) and gaming software(for keyboard), lucid virtu, realtek audio panel, nvidia graphics tool, intel graphics tools

    My Hardware Config: i7 2600k, 8GB DDR3, GTX580

    I need urgent help, this problem was not present in earlier installation having same config and same softwares installed as it is now.

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  • A guess: turn off CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program)?  Type CEIP in the Start Menu.


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  • I have the exact same problem. I have not used my laptop in a month and a half. Turned it on updated everything, then it starts to take 5-10 min before I can effectively use my laptop. After 5-10 min it works fine.

    As you can see below from my specs, we both have Avast 7 antivirus. I believe it is possibly related to that, more specifically, the boot-up scan, or something like that. My computer knowledge is above average, so I am no expert, but I think this is the problem. We both also have nvidia, there possibly is some sort of conflict between nvidia and avast, or with one of them.

    Laptop is Toshiba Satellite A 500-1GL
    Windows 7 64bit OS,
    4 GB RAM,
    i3 CPU, 2.13GHz,
    NVIDIA 330M Graphics - 1 GB dedicated graphics card

    Avast 7 (free antivirus)
    Windows Defender

    If you find a solution (or exact cause) do please respond/reply. Thank you.

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