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  • First of all, I really like the Taskbar Jumplists and think they are a great addition to Windows. I like that I can now easily open a document from the Taskbar without having to launch the application first.

    But I have some questions about them:

    A) Is it possible to rename the items in the Jumplists? Some items (particularly websites) are difficult to identify when displayed as "http://www.example.com/pages..."

    B) When I right-click one of the items in the "Pinned" section of the Jumplist, I am given 3 options:
        1. Open --> Obviously opens the item.
        2. Remove from this list --> I'm assuming it removes the document from the Jumplist.
        3. Unpin from this list ---> Huh? What's the difference?

    C) Can I change the order of the items in the jumplist? Drag/Drop or sort alphabetically would be nice.

    D) Can I pin a document to a Taskbar icon if the document is not associated with that program?

    Here's an example: I am a web developer and therefore juggle through many HTML files. Some of those HTML files need to opened in Notepad while others need to be opened by Internet Explorer. It seems that I cannot pin an HTML file to Notepad if HTML files are associated with Internet Explorer. When I drag the HTML file to the Notepad icon on my Taskbar, the tooltip says "Pin to Internet Explorer". Is there any way around this?

    Note: I really don't use notepad to edit HTML files, it's just an example :)
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  • When I open an HTML file in Notepad, I can rightclick the Notepad item on Start, and the jumplist arrow will expose the html file on the recent list. I have html assigned to IE.

    You cannot rename a jumplist item, you get the 'title' of the shortcut.

    Pinning makes a listing permanant, the rest of the unpinned will go off, based on available space and age.

    I find dragging to work much like pinning.

    You should really try out some of those things.
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