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  • Is there any documentation available regarding how an existing PAS/Dashboard installation can be migrated to another server?  I've restored the PAS & Dashboard repositories to the new server and then installed the PAS & Dashboard applications, pointing them to the existing database repositories.  I then used the "Update Connection Information" wizard from within the Administration tool to update references to the server name.  However, I'm still having problems that make me think I've missed a few steps.  For instance:


    + When I try to open any of the roles within Analysis Server Admin tool, it just hangs

    + Within Web Professional, all of the briefing books are available but the page hangs when attempt to open any of them




    Wednesday, November 21, 2007 10:08 PM


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  • It sounds like you've taken the correct steps to migrate PAS.  The Dashboard is a little different, but we should get PAS working first and then we'll worry about the Dashboard.


    From what you describe, it's possible there are some user accounts in the PAS database that are not valid in the domain in which you've migrated your content to.  So, when you attempt to open roles, it is trying to resolve those accounts, and is unsuccessful.  Are there still accounts in the database that would not be valid in the currenct domain?


    Regarding Web Professional views, if you launch the Web Pro without opening a view (from the Web Pro icon on the home page...it's in the upper right portion of the screen and looks like a globe with a red bumerang), open a cube, build a view, and publish that new view to PAS, are you then able to open that view?  Essentially, does the hanging behavior happen for only your old content, or for anything published to that server?


    Monday, November 26, 2007 8:52 PM
  • Thanks for the follow-up…


    I forgot to mention in my first post a detail that turns out to be relevant.  Along with the server migration, we are moving from ProClarity 6.0 to 6.3.  The problem with inaccessible PAS content was due to the fact that I was attempting to view it from a computer with the 6.0 web professional client tools installed.  Once I installed the 6.3 client, I was able to access PAS content.


    However, I’m still having trouble with the Analytics Server Administration tool.  Specifically, I can’t add or modify roles.  When I attempt to add a new role, I receive the error “XML document must have a top level element”.  When I select an existing role and choose “Properties”, nothing happens.  I ran a trace in the hopes of figuring out what was happening and did see a difference on this server compared to our existing PAS server.


    On our existing server, when I open the properties window of an existing role, three SQL statements are executed:


    SELECT RoleAssociationID,EntityID, EntityType, RoleID, PropertyID, PermissionValue, CreatedBy, CreatedTime, ModifiedTime FROM RoleAssociations WHERE (RoleID LIKE '%') AND (EntityID LIKE '%')


    SELECT RoleID, Caption, Description, IsAdmin, CreatedBy, CreatedTime, ModifiedTime FROM Roles ORDER BY IsAdmin DESC, Caption


    SELECT MemberID, Caption, SID, CreatedBy, CreatedTime, ModifiedTime, RoleID, MemberType FROM Members WHERE (RoleID='{9BA046BE-D079-46E6-8AD5-187B5C876EB5}') ORDER BY Caption


     However, when I attempt to open the properties window of an existing role on our new server, only one statement is executed:


    SELECT RoleAssociationID, EntityID, EntityType, RoleID, PropertyID, PermissionValue, CreatedBy, CreatedTime, ModifiedTime FROM RoleAssociations WHERE (RoleID LIKE '%') AND (EntityID LIKE '%')


    The GUI doesn’t raise an error or indicate that anything is happening.





    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 10:03 PM
  • What happens if you create a new role on the new server?  Are you able to open the properties for that role?  That is, does this problem only appear for the roles that were migrated?


    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 6:51 PM
  • When I attempt to create a new role,  get the error message:


    Server Roles Error

    XML document must have a top level element



    Thursday, November 29, 2007 5:23 PM
  • I found a HotFix that addressed this issue:








    Thursday, November 29, 2007 9:51 PM