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    First.. I am VERY new to direct access.. I am looking into an issue we have on or corp. network.

    we're using direct access with forcetunnelling and it seems to work just fine.

    Only problem is this:

    If I take a laptop with me home and then want to connect to our company site, I cannot.

    I cannot ping my company site or anything...


    What I did try was to logon to the corp. net via normal wired network in house... I logon..all is well, I am happy... Then I shut down the client, remove the wired network, and logon to an external wireless...

    Then it works.... almost.. my Lync client cannot connect, but I can goto my company website, ping it etc....


    So I am thinking.. is there some kind of time out set in direct access/Force tunnelling somewhere?


    You guys probably want more info, but I am unsure what info to give...

    Oh.... client os is W7.


    I would look at using split tunnelling, but the bossman says 'NO'.. so I'm stuck with FT... :(

    Kindest regards, Martin
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