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  • 1) I see strange behaviour of dashboard filters (specified MDX queries). They work correctly under all accounts when PerformancePoint, SharePoint, Analysis Services 2005 runs on single server and Integrated Security=SSPI in connection string. Filters work with SSPI=anonymous only when I logged in under my account (I am admin on PP, AS and SharePoint). PerUserConnection is set to false and UseAsCustomData = true.


    When PerformancePoint+SharePoint server is separated on one server (server machine not in domain) and Analysis Services 2005 on another (inside domain), and SSPI=anonymous in connection string, filter works only under my account (that is strange because in above configuration I am ordinary user like any other). When I specify Integrated Security=SSPI  and we setup same user for both servers (user taken from application pool of PPMonitoring), filters don't work.

     Please, pay attention, that ANYTHING WORKS OK: KPI, Scorecards, Reports based on MDX queries, but FILTERS DON'T WORK. They are not running their queries and users see message  like "Error occured. Please contact system administrator" in place of filter. Last MDX query PerformancePoint logs show error like "datasource must be passed to function" and stack trace with functions.

     2) How to make dynamic default selection in filter with multiple selection ? Ideally I want to specify MDX query which shows which elements must be checked from begining (I switched off filter persistence)


     Many thanks in advance!

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  • Hi,

    are you sure You define your filter in the  background?

    What mdx You are using through Filter?


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