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  • I'm a bit confused as to what an Exchange 2003 mailbox restore is supposed to do in DPM 2010.  I thought it would restore a mailbox but it seems to invariably restore the whole database even though I appear to be able to drill down into a mailbox store and select a single mailbox to restore from within the DPM console.  

    If the mailbox I select to restore is still operational within Exchange then DPM will only let me recover it to a network folder.  It actually restores the whole database which I can then load in to a Recovery Storage Group. I can then export the mailbox via the ESM GUI or Exmerge.  I'm not sure why this counts as a mailbox restore as it appears indistinguishable from restoring a database to a network share.  Why let me drill down to the mailbox level at all?

    Secondly, if I delete the original mailbox from within ESM prior to attempting a restore then DPM will now give me the option to restore the mailbox to an Exchange server (as opposed to just a network share).  Again, if I do this it restores the entire database, not just the mailbox.  If I restore to the original location (the only option I have managed to get working) then every mailbox in the parent DB is rolled back to the time of the backup.  Why is this the case and if it is going to roll back the whole DB why is this option only presented when the 1 mailbox I care about is deleted (it doesn't mind that all of the others still exist, it just overwrites them).



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