Forcing an Enterprise Mode site list update RRS feed

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  • Have there been any changes to IE that allow us to force an Enterprise Mode site list update without having to actually launch IE, wait up to 65 second, and then close/relaunch IE? We're running IE11 with Enterprise Mode on our Citrix VDIs (Win10 1703), and this one issue is a major concern. I know that I can launch IE in the background as part of a logon script to accomplish this, but that's detrimental to the logon performance, so I'd like to avoid going down that road.

    At this point, I would even settle for an accurate list of all files and registry keys used by IEEM (outside of the two standard keys enabling it with the site list path and the site list version). I've been trying to exclude folders and registry keys in Citrix Profile Manager, but have had no luck. The initial launch of IE, which goes to our Citrix Web site, never starts up in Enterprise Mode. We have to wait and then close/relaunch.

    Tuesday, January 30, 2018 6:17 PM