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  • I've just been tasked with organizing our SharePoint 2007 site.  This site has been using a folder structure and is, in fact, just a pretty Windows Explorer.  I need to create order out of this mess.

    I want to restructure everything around metadata.  The problem I'm facing is that there are multiple documents which need to be organized, these are multiple document types, are used by the same users to do a related job (all of these documents get packaged together and delivered to the client), but these documents should be searchable across themselves (ie. "give me all files on topic X that were delivered to client Y", "give me all files delivered to client Y", "give me all files on topic X", as well as "give me all files received by client Y which were used to create record X" plus date parameters ("within this dataspan") for all of these searches should all be supported queries).

    I have requested and have been denied the privilege to write C# code to support this site.  Sharepoint Designer is, also, not granted.

    Finally, users should have a minimal need to create and assign metadata to files (this should all be done on the back end of the application).

    I've been pouring through websites as well as O'Reilly Safari for days to try to figure out how to put this thing together.  Custom lists don't seem right as each custom list can have only one content type. 

    All I'm asking for is to be pointed in the right direction.  I'll dig through on my own if I just know where to start digging.

    Thursday, December 15, 2011 5:28 PM


  • The way I "unfolder" documents is the following.

    1. Add the desired metadata columns. (Don't set anything required, yet.)

    2. Move a single folders content to the root.

    3. Populate the metadata for these moved documents using the datasheet view. (This allows a Access-esque navigation method to quickly add the values.)

    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every folder.

    5. Set desired columns as required.

    From here, it's a matter of making view that support the desired "queries" or create a page that uses filtering web parts to drill down. 

    I know that I've over-simplified the process in these simple statements, but you shouldn't need C#, VS, SPD, or anything else to create a relatively decent Document Management Tool. 

    Steve Clark, MCTS | Twin-Soft.com
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