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  • I had a motherboard failure in XP Pro, Retail license, joined to a Server 2003 Domain, after replacing with a new motherboard the system boots but I cannot logon (I do not know the local account, it has always been logon to the domain). I noticed that the network chipset (Realtek) on the new motherboard is not directly supported by XP out-of-the-box, so I installed a 3Com 3c900 card which is supported. I booted the system with the XP CDROM and after the license agreement, pressed R to upgrade the system (and hopefully add the 3c900 network card.

    All I ever get is a "msoobe.exe" error when trying to activate with an error at 0x604a296e trying to read memory at 0x00000000. When I try all of the boot options, using F8, the result is essentially the same. I can never get past the failed activation, logon locally (I do not know the local acounts), or logon to the domain.

    There is no valuable data on the disk (data is on separate disks and the network), but there are many installed programs and configurations so it would be nice if it can be somehow reactivated without having to start clean. The problem is that nothing seems to allow getting to a point of actually being able to activate the system.

    I am in a position to connect the disk to another computer and mount it to allow for making changes offline, but I do not know what to change. I have made a backup image of the disk so everything is safe, but if anyone knows how to activate the disk I will be grateful.

    This XP system is important because I have much hardware which will not work with Vista, 7 or 8 due to changes made with things like the driver architecture. If worse comes to worse I will reinstall clean, but that represents a lot of work, so I hope that it can be reactivated.


    John Baker

    Monday, October 15, 2012 5:24 PM