Exchange 2010 Decommisioning a DAG member from a 3 node Dag


  • Hi Guys,

    What the safest way to remove one server from a 3 Node Dag.

    Currently I am planning the following steps:-

    Remove Exchange server MAIL03 from DAG
    1.Start up Exchange Management Console
    2.Go to Organization Configuration > Mailbox > Database Management;
    3.if mail boxes are mounted on MAIL03, Select the database where ” Mounted on Server” reads the MAIL03;
    3.1.Select Move Active Mailbox Database;
    3.2.Select the Mailbox server i.e. MAIL01\MAIL02 to host the mailbox database copy and select Move;
    5.When the move has finished, select the database copy hosted on the MAIL03 in the lower pane. There, select Remove.
    6.Remove the MAIL03 server from the DAG. Select tab Database Availability Groups;
    7.Select the DAG the MAL03 server is a member of and select Manage Database Availability Group Membership;
    8.Select the server and click the red cross to remove it from the list. Click Manage to proceed with the actual removal;
    9.When finished the mailbox server is no longer member of the DAG.
    10.Rebalance Mailbox Databases in DAG.

    What do you guys recommend?

    Also after the removal of the DAG node, what the best way to reduce the Passive Database/Transaction logs? our current setup is as follows:-

    I want to remove the drives L,M,N,O



    Monday, June 16, 2014 3:41 PM


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