How to modernize Internet Printers Web Page For Better Browser Compatibility?


  • We deployed the http://PrinterServer/Printers page on a Server 2016 Standard server and it works OK for computers on our domain, but only in Internet Explorer.  Computers on our domain probably won't use the page since it has no apparent advantage over using Windows 10 add printer dialogs.

    So, the primary use for this page would be for contractors and visitors with PCs not joined to our domain to be able to easily add printers.

    However, it is NOT easy at all.  It is much worse for non-domain joined computers.  IE won't show the Connect link unless they enable Compatibility view settings AND add the printers page to their Trusted sites.  This is not user friendly or intuitive at all and it's ridiculous for them to have to add our entire domain to compatibility view since that may break modern sites that works best in native mode.

    Are there any settings we can change on the print server web page to make the Printers page Connect links work without special compability settings in IE?

    Are there any other workarounds such as using a custom page to share printers and copy the Connect link URLS there?

    It's annoying that the page "looks" so dated, but what's worse than cosmetic appearance is that it doesn't work in any modern browsers and doesn't even work in IE 11 without tinkering with Internet Options settings.

    Thursday, June 14, 2018 2:44 AM

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