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  • I noticed that there are no performance counters (or no data) for Exchange server for the mailbox storage and mailbox flow.

    I have enabled all rules for Exchange.


    Also noticed on the exchange server in eventvieuwer several errors like:




    2 rules monitor failed and got unloaded, 2 of them reached the failer limit.

    Event 4503 speaks of a module reported a error 0x80004005 from a callback which was running as part of rule

    "Microsoft Exchange.serverrole.2003ClientRPCCallfailedSec.Collection. and another speaks of ClientLatency5.collection.


    What does this mean and how can i get the data dor flow from Exchange?

    I have run the Exchange wizard on the mailserver.



    Friday, November 14, 2008 10:12 AM

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  • Hi,


    This situation may be normal if you have not enabled the related settings in "Authoring" tab.


    Based on test and experience, this situation may be normal if the Exchange server is indeed running correctly without any errors, so there is no alerts recorded in the Monitoring items list. If so, the related monitor shows no alerts data, that is normal. If "Active Alerts", "All Events"and "All Performance Data" etc works well to display monitoring information, I believe Exchange server is being well monitored.


    At this time, we also need to make sure the related monitor function is enabled correctly in the Authoring control console. Please follow the detailed steps as below to modified the override settings to enable the monitor functions:

    1.    Open the SCE console, navigate to "Authoring" pane.
    2.    Select "Management Pack Objects" – "Monitors" – "Exchange mail flow".
    3.    Expand "Entity Health" – "Availability" – "Exchange Mail Flow Monitor(Receiver Part)".
    4.    Right click "Network Adaptor Connection Health", select "Overrides" – "Override the monitor" – "For all objects of  type: Windows Server 2003 Network Adaptor".
    5.    Click the checkbox beside "Enable", and change the override settings from "False" to "True".
    6.    Click "Apply", click "OK".
    7.    Repeat step 2 to 6 for "Exchange Mail Flow Monitor(Sender Part)"(and other monitor target like MailFlow, OWA).
    8.    Wait for a moment and go back to Monitoring to check the Exchange components monitor status again.

    To enable Exchange Topology Discovery


    1.      In the Authoring pane of the Operations Manager 2007 Operations Console, click Object Discoveries.
    2.      In the Object Discoveries pane, right-click Exchange 2003 Topology Discovery, point to Overrides, point to Override the Object Discovery, and then click For a specific object of type: Exchange 2003 Role.
    3.      In the Select Object dialog box, type the search criteria, and then click OK.
    4.      Select the desired server running Exchange Server 2003 from Matching objects, and then click OK.
    5.      In the Override Properties dialog box, select Override for the Enabled parameter, and then select True from the Override Setting drop-down list.
    6.      Select the Management Pack to save the override in, and then click OK.
    7.      After trying the above steps, please go to Monitoring and check if the Exchange Topology is working now.


    For more information, please check the following article below:


    Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack Operation Guide


    Hope this helps.

    Monday, November 17, 2008 9:55 AM
  • Thx.


    The rules are enabled and also the monitors for mail flow. Network connection health for all windows 2003 servers also.

    In the monitoring pane by Exchange 2003 i see counters in the legend for IMAP 4. I see activ alerts, Toplogy and all server state.


    Mail flow, mail queues, Mapi login contains no data nor counters in the legend.

    OWA also doesn;'t have data.

    Message transfer agent on the otherhand contains counters in the legend wich i can select this is for MTA performancc, there are NO counters in the legend for MTA queues?


    Any more suggestions?


    I believe all rules are enabled and monitors. Maybe there is a walk thru to perform for all rules and monitors to work or something like that?


    I would like to see imformation for the mail flow and OWA.


    Monday, November 17, 2008 4:28 PM
  • What i found to be strange is that thru the search box i looked for:

    mail flow and

    mail queue


    There where 2 monitors found for mail flow and a lot of rules.

    The rules are saying: " enabled by default"  YES

    When i go to the properties of all the rules and to the override settings then there are the following lines:

    Override setting = true

    effective setting  = false


    Does this mean the rule doesn't work is inactive? " effective setting"  normally means that when it is false the rule isn't working?



    Must i enable a override for every exchange rule to enable a override which enable the rule (so the effective value is also TRUE?)



    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 10:46 AM