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  • Hello all,   I am having an issue with a couple of our users here at work.   These users have a Word Document that they edit every month that has an embedded Excel spreadsheet.  

    The problem is when they make several changes in the document/Excel objects and save it, the documents embedded objects do not work once they re open it.  The embedded Excel Objects turn into picture objects and loose all editing functionallity.   This also happens to, they can have the Word Docuemnt open and it will be working, but when they minimize it for a bit and come back to it once again the Excel objects have lost functionality.   Very Wierd..   All there other Excel Document / Word Documents work as normal.  The problem seems to be with this one document.

    At first we thought it was user error, but this group has been doing this file every month for 6 years.  We have done a few things to try and fix this with no luck.   I reinstalled Office 2003 which did not work - Had them save the file as a .RTF -  Turned off Auto Save, and I am about ready just to reload the whole computer so I can show the users that its the file and not the computer.

    Some more history, The document they edit every month is 6-7 years old..  I had one of the users rebuild it from scratch and it still does not work correctlty.

    I have spent hours on Google looking for solutions, but nothing out there really fits this situation.   I would appreciate any info!


                    Thank you.

    Shane Thompson
    Friday, September 24, 2010 1:04 PM


  • Hi,


    This sounds like third-party software on your machine, interfering with the OLE process. This has been known to happen with "security" software (anti-virus) in earlier versions of Office. One way you could test this would be to try the reverse: insert a Word document object in an Excel spreadsheet, close, re-open and see it that is also blocked?


    You may also start Word in safe mode, try to insert the Excel object, save it, and re-open it.


    Start the Office program in safe mode


    1.       Click Start, point to All Programs, and then point to Microsoft Office.

    2.        Press and hold the CTRL key, and then click the Office program you want to start.


    Does the problem recur?


    Best Regards,


    Sally Tang


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