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  • Hi! I have installed sharepoint 3.0 in windows 2008 server,the server name is ALC but I want users to access it locally using the name "intranet" instead of server's IP address or server name(ALC).How do I achieve this?
    Friday, March 25, 2011 5:08 PM


  • Hi asherinho,

    You should first make sure your users are able to resolve your chosen name to the IP of the server.
    In a typical environment you have a DNS server for that.
    Once you have that in place, when you create a new web application enter the full name as the host header and ensure the port is set to 80.
    Lower you must repeat that value in a field called Loadbalanced url. You can remove the additional :80 that is there.

    Now you can go to your site with that url.
    If you want to add more urls to the same site for example http://sharepoint http://sharepoint.myCompany.local.

    Then go to central admin an locate the Alternate Access Mappings section.
    Enter all the alternate urls there.
    Once this is done go to the IIS Management console and open the properties of your application and add the Bindings to your configuration, so that all the urls you defined are bound to that iis site. Remeber that the comination of hostheader and port must be unique.




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