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  • I am trying to sync my corporate mail and calendar on my lovely new 950XL.  I am able to set up and connect our VPN, and I am able to set up the account, which is a gmail account that requires signing on to our corporate SSO portal.  When I initially created the account, it redirected me to the portal and I was able to log in, after-which it redirected me to the another page indicating that I needed to authorize my phone to synchronize the mail/calendar.  I granted the permissions, and was immediately returned to the mail application.  Every time I've tried to sync the mail though, I get an error saying that my account settings are out of date and asks me to fix it.

    I can go through all of the above process every single time I hit "Fix my account", and it behave exactly the same, but never actually sync's my mail.  It does sync my calendar (what appears to be) right after I go through the authentication process, as if the authentication works just long enough for a sync of my calendar and then becomes invalid again.

    Currently I'm running the latest insider build of WM10, but this has never worked on my 950XL even before I installed the insider builds.

    Version info from the System->About screen:

    Version: 1511

    OS build: 10.0.14283.1000

    Firmware revision number: 01078.00038.16205.39005

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    Wednesday, March 16, 2016 10:58 PM

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  • Having the same problem, I am on nokia 930 windows 8.1, there is no good solution as far as i know.

    For email the only "choice" is the web interface. Note that a month or so ago gmail suddenly changed to serve a "feature phone" UI for windows phone browser. This means: 1) gmail shows stamp sized in top corner of the (high resolution) screen. 2) If you have an pdf attachment, upon clicking on it, google 'converts' it to text, no images (an pdf to text is unusable by the very nature of the pdf format) 3) It is impossible to send emails to people that you do not know the email address as 'add contact' crashes (and I have a few coworkers with very long and unusual and also misspelled names as email address, no chance of typing them without writing them down first on a piece of paper)

    There is only one app in the store that can connect to Gmail SSO: "Read my email". Of course this is not an alternative as this app is intended to read your email while driving....

    For calendar there is only 1 app that connects :" One calendar" And of course there is an issue with this one also: syncs every 8 hours only which is not helpful for a busy workday.

    I have tried: Mail and Live mail from microsoft on win 10 desktop, Thunderbird on linux, maybe a dozen apps in the store for email and calendar, none works, they all forget about corporate accounts.

    Now the fix should be done in the native email client. Even if I write an app that does SSO properly, it will be limited to 30 minutes checking interval - this is not so good for the effort involved to make a functional email/calendar app, at least for me. Another approach would be to make an app that hosts the browser to send different headers to trick google into thinking an iphone connects to it, but again Microsoft locked the browser and you can do this only for the initial connection.

    Sorry for the lengthy reply, i am just trying to highlight what i have learned about this issue and my current "solution". Especially since i cannot send "new" emails anymore I am seriously considering changing the ecosystem (and I've continuously used WP since the very first version). Or maybe change the company. Or maybe embrace the new "feature" of being disconnected from work while I am out of office.

    If you find any solution, please reply to share with the others in the same boat, i see no reply from support for an obvious "showstopper" Mail app issue.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2016 2:20 AM