Presenting to you, Windows 8!! NOW WITH MYSPACE!

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  • Guys, I've been playing video games all week and i'm like 8 hours sleep-strong so now I've become infused with angry, honest and valid opinions!

    Microsoft, c'mon guys.  I know the guy that usually works the least, sucks the most and annoys everyone is always, ALWAYS the guy that gets the promotion but did you REALLY have to let the guy that developed the Zune interface take the reigns on the windows 8 project? I understand the need to create an OS that is a medium between phone and computer but on the real, I don't need you to mess with the PC in order to make the phone seem like a more valid piece of processor.  Phones are pretty simple,  use them to talk, stalk and check out porn, hoping to find someone you went to highschool with, while taking a nasty deuce.  

    With windows 8 you managed to take the ugliest part of it's predecessors and turn it into your centerpiece.  No one likes tons and tons of desktop icons. Everyone tries to throw them all in one folder and hide them.  Chances are some higher up walked by a honest, hard working, developers and looked over a shoulder and saw a desktop full of busy icons and thought "hey.. you guys sure like those icon thingies, let's make the new windows ALL about that shit!".  It's an OCD nightmare,  If i'm not running on a Prozac high, my pc puts me into a manic depression the second I hit the power button.

     Don't even get me started on the start button.. wait.. WHERE is the start button?  I like that I have to click a button to get started.  He was like my friend, the little "hey.. you ready for this, buddy?  Here's a few things you were working on.  Or would you like the big guns,  Notepad or MSpaint.  Now  you've put me in a forest of uncharted spam with a bonzai buddy feeding cancer straight into my skull.

    Windows is and will always be a part of my family.  I just don't feel like windows 8 is an improvement, it is a side grade for those who are into that kinda thing, 'cause I know there are a few masochists out there.  

    PS. Also, couldn't you have made it easier for me to just email this?! Instead of jumping through these hoops trying to narrow down EXACTLY which hair is up my ass.  slap a "Straight to spam e-mail" link and i'd be pleased as piss to point this rant right there.  If you guys can find a better forum to reach out to. feel free to forward this on my behalf.  I don't wanna go pissing in the cheerios of the guys who aren't paid to read this. 


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