IE 10 CORS does not have correct status result when server returns 401. RRS feed

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  • I believe I've found an issues with IE10 on Win8 with respect to it's support for CORS.

      Issue   When performing a cross domain request using IE10 on Win8 if the server returns a 401 Forbidden status code, the xhr.status = 0.  In fact the xhr result doesn't seem to have anything from the original request.  This is incorrect and it should equal 401.

      • I have experienced this with both XMLHttpRequest and Jquery $.ajax
      • Viewing the IE developer console window I see the following messages: 
        SEC7118: XMLHttpRequest for https://mydomain.com/somepath required Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).
        SEC7119: XMLHttpRequest for https://mydomain.com/somepath required CORS preflight.
      • I have verified the proper CORS preflight in fiddler, and verified that the server is infact returning a 401, but xhr.status = 0 after the request is complete.

      It appears xhr.status is not getting the proper value in a CORS requests where the server returns a non-200 status code.

      This seems to happen with a Get or a Post.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 5:13 AM


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