PureUser types are not visible in PWA? RRS feed

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  • Project Server 2010 (April 2013 patch level)

    In PWA, please select Server Settings->manage users, select New User command button.  To create a new user that cannot be assigned as a resource, I uncheck the checkbox "User can be assigned as a resource."  From that point I can proceed as you might expect by adding the display name, user logon name, uncheck "Prevent AD Synchronization", and assign to the security group.

    The challenge I'm finding is that I cannot view these "PureUser" (reference) in PWA Resource Center.  I have tried every view and filter I can see.  So, now I'm asking for help.

    What I can do is use SQL Management Studio to see the users that I have created.  The code reference appears below.  However, I'm sure I don't have the skills to maintain them using SQL.  How can I manage them through PWA? 

    Thank you in advance, Eric

    SELECT [ResourceUID]
      FROM [ProjectServer_Reporting].[dbo].[MSP_EpmResource]
      WHERE [ResourceType] = 1
      ORDER BY ResourceName

    Eric Engle

    Friday, January 24, 2014 5:20 PM


  • OK... this is one of those really smart, dumb mistakes.  I cannot view them in Resource Center, but I can administer them under Server Settings, Security and Manage Users.  Sigh.

    Eric Engle

    Friday, January 24, 2014 5:28 PM