DOS Program on Windows 7 Cannot print anylonger to network printer since migration to SBS2008


  • I have following situation:
    - A windows 7 x64 workstation using the Net Use LPT1 \\SBS2003\printer command to print to a networkprinter.
    - This was working fine on a SBS2003 server, which shared the printers.

    Now we have migrated the SBS2003 server to a SBS2008 server. Networkprinting is fine from Windows.
    But this DOS application cannot print...
    I do a NET USE on the Windows 7 machine with an Admin account from an elevated dos prompt.
    And when I then execute, from the same DOS window following command: type text.txt > lpt1
    I get following error back: Access Denied.

    When I point the printer to the SBS2003 server, all is fine. Back to SBS2008 -> Access denied...

    So it looks like something needs to be changed on the server ? I have already tried to disable the Firewall, without any luck.

    All ideas are welcome.

    Thursday, September 09, 2010 5:03 PM


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