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  • Microsoft's recent obsession with simplicity makes many things incredibly complicated.

    When I first ran the Health Vault application on my Surface tablet, I accidentally used the wrong Live account. So, no problem  - just log out and log in again with the correct account, except: there is no way to log out.

    I tried restarting the application. It remembers the last log in. I tried removing the application and reinstalling it. It still remembers the wrong account. I hunted on the Internet and found a paragraph that said one could add a different live account to your base one so you could log in with either one. Of course that does not work, because the app created a Health Vault account under the wrong ID, so it would not add it, because there was already an account associated with it. I deleted the account and tried again. Same problem there is still an account there, so the ID can't be added. It turns out the record was deleted from the account, but the account was not deleted. So I log in again with the new wrong ID and try to delete the account. The delete link takes me to a page that says I must add a record. Come on Microsoft! This is not helpful or sensible. That just makes people want to hunt the developer down, shake them and yell, "What were you thinking!"

    The next approach was to try to get it to forget its current logged on ID and prompt for another. I removed the settings under AppData\Local\Packages and restarted. A reasonable application would recognize that they were missing and prompt for information to rebuild them. Health Vault crashed. I removed it and re-installed, on the grounds that it would put back what it needed, but prompt for the rest. It still somehow knew what it had first logged in with and just prompted me to add another person to the account. I searched the registry, but could not find any log-in information for Health Vault there either.

    It appears that if you make a mistake when setting up Health Vault, that is it! You can never correct it with the correct account and in my case I will never be able to run Health Vault on my surface. All this just to avoid the "complication" of being able to switch accounts.

    If anyone has a solution to this, I would be very glad to hear it and if anyone from Microsoft sees it, simplicity is good, but not at the expense of flexibility. Removing flexibility just makes things a lot more complicated.



    Sunday, March 17, 2013 7:06 PM


  • Hi Alan, I'm sorry that you've encountered these issues.  We were aware of these of these possibilities when designing the application and tried to put enough notifications to prevent duplicate accounts from being created.  Unfortunately getting out of your situation is a bit complicated.

    With Windows 8, the Windows team really desired that the Live ID account that you logged in with is the one that will be used with all the applications. You can't really un-do that so that is the Live ID that will be passed in to HealthVault.  In the situation where you have 2 Live ID's you will have a few issues since you closed your account. Generally the steps would be:

    1. Log in to the duplicate HV account that you don't want to use, but that contains the bound Live ID that you want.

    2. Add another credential to this account (this will allow you to remove the Live ID from it). So this means make another Live ID, or use your Facebook, or make an OpenID, etc.

    3. Remove the Live ID from that account.

    4. Go to your actual use HV account, and add the Live ID.

    5. Verify that when you login at with that Live ID that is the account you want.

    6. Re-run the Win 8 app.  Uninstalling the app should've fixed it, that must be a bug, but I was pretty certain we tested all the uninstall scenarios to have you re-appauth, etc.

    Now the complications occur if you closed your account. Due to our policy, closing your account will keep your account/credentials locked in our system for 90 days due to compliance issues around maintaining data. You might have to call the CSR/Support team to get this issue resolved and free your credential up.  We're working on streamlining this process in our next release because we realize how painful duplicate HV accounts and live id credentials are.


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