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  • I have a problem I can't seem to
    resolve. Here is my set up.
    I have SBS 2008 and a sql-srv 2005. The program
    that the remote PC connects to is the sql server.
    Problem started when my
    certificate expired. (For the love of all things ever why wouldn't a self signed
    certificate not expire or at least auto renew). At this point remote PC was
    getting the "expired cert..." error
    Anyway, I renewed certificate through
    "SBS Console\Network\connectivity tab\certificate..." and now instead of getting
    the expired message, they are getting the following. "Remote desktop server
    address requested & the certificate subject name do not match."
    Is there
    an easy way to fix this? I haven't dealt much with certificates and I am really
    struggling here.
    Remote machine is not on my domain.

    1. How, specifically, do I tell what
    the Remote Desktop Gateway server address actually is, and
    2. how do I
    determine what the remote workstation thinks it should be.
    This is what I
    1. In the TS Gateway Manager \ "view TS Gateway Farm Members" \ SSL
    certificate tab. However, I am viewing this on Server1 (the SBS2008).
    2. When
    I try to connect from the remote PC it gives me an option to view the
    These certificates match. So I am not sure where I am missing
    it here.

    Forgive my ignorance, but I am fairly new to the server side of things and still learning.

    The certificate does have FQDN.

    Friday, February 20, 2015 6:23 PM