Some of us were waiting a long time till the restriction of 260 charater length limit could be disabled! RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    According to the necessity of LongPaths in Windows 10 I just want to ask a question.

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update can handle LongPaths for its Apps and the WebStore.

    I'm working as a Systemslibrarian and here, in short is my question.

    To enable LongPaths there are many pages within this description.

    I also found out that you can type this command

    fsluit.exe set behavior disable8dot3 1

    to disable DOS path restrictions additionally.

    Most of the people using windows have the opinion that users should use only suitable pathlengths.

    In my opinion an option for long pathlengths is very usefull to organize data without using a database.

    So why is creating nested Folders or subfolders in the file explorer still restricted to the 260 characters limit even when enabling Long paths in Windows 10. Is the alert consulting out of this restriction just a warning? Have I missed something when changing these values?

    Please answer this question within no opinion.



    Wednesday, September 28, 2016 7:42 AM