I am learning DATA mining ...


  • Hello,

    I am learning data warehousing and I want to write a script that will create a database, create a table, load data in to the table and then delete the entire database ...

    can you please help viki ...

    create database viki
    create table viki (id int, name varchar(10))
    insert into viki values(007, 'vikistupidbitch')
    use viki
    select * from viki
    packages or packets ...
    use master

    alter database viki set offline with rollback immediate
    drop database viki

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  • I suggest you use a TABLE variable:

    DECLARE @viki TABLE(id int, name varchar(20))
    insert into @viki values(007, 'vikistupidbitch')
    select * from @viki

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  • If you need sample database, refer this link:

    Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples

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