Creating a new site has become more obscure.... RRS feed

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  • So, on one of our site collections, I needed to activate the publishing features so that some navigation mentions that were available in sp 2007 worked under the new sp 2010 ribbon.

    That seemed harmless enough.

    Today, however, a site admin contacted me asking why they could not find where to create a site.

    Before that feature was activated, site actions > create a new site was available. Also, when one within a site's all site content clicked on Create, sites was one of the categories that could be selected.

    Now however sites are no longer available there.  The only place I could find to use for creating a site was to go to site actions > site settings > sites and workspaces and to click create there. Then we go to the old SP 2007ish create a site page.

    Is this the way this should work? Or is it acting this way because I did not turn on the publishing features on the sites (because we don't want all the "check out, change, check in, publish" workflow-ish actions).

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014 5:37 PM