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  • Hi.

    I have configured a new product connector to forward alerts from SCOM to JIRA. The connector works fine, but every time I forward an alert to connector using "Forward to" command from alert context menu, it triggers mail notification subscription when connector processes alert. The connector code does not modify alert in any explicit way: just retrieves alerts using GetMonitoringAlerts method of connector and then acknowledges recieved alerts with AcknowledgeMonitoringAlerts call (see code snippet below). At the same time I can see "Alert modified by user" comment added to alert's history at forwarding time. Mail notification subscription is configured to pick up all critical alerts with "New" resolution state.

    Is this an expected behaviour? I don't really want to spam operators with unnecessary mail every time an alert gets forwarded to an external system. Any ideas what can cause the issue and how to avoid it?


    while( $true )
       $alerts = $conn.GetMonitoringAlerts()
       if ($alerts.Count -gt 0)
          $conn.AcknowledgeMonitoringAlerts($( Get-Date ))
          foreach( $alert in $alerts ) 
             .... send alert info to JIRA ...
       Start-Sleep 60


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  • The way I see it the call acknowledgeMonitoringAlerts change something in the alert without changing the resolution state.  Scom process every even on every change so it get re-submit to all the subscription rule.  Since the resolution state is still "new", it send a new email.

    You got 2 choice :

    1- you do not update the alert when you transfert it


    2- In you script you update the resolution state of the alert to something else (not "new").


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