Correlation between BI developer and Web Analyst?


  • These days, I'm studying to become a business intelligence developer and today I'm reflecting If I need necessary knowledge as a web analyst.

    My question is.

    Is there a correlation between BI developer and web analyst If yes, should I also gain skills as a web analyst?

    Saturday, February 15, 2014 3:08 PM


  • Hi Sakura,

    The largest part of any analyst role is understanding the clients needs / business requirements and being able to help translate those requirements into functional specifications. The best analysts I have worked with are the ones that know the product and what it can do. In addition, we will see more business intelligence applications deliver or render results to the web enabled portals like SharePoint 2013.

    As a developer the more you understand a clients needs and are able to meet those needs either OOB, third party, or custom code the more valuable you will become in being able to know where the holes are and being able to fill them,


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