Challenge response from WFE but not from Client RRS feed

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  • I'm currently struggling with what I hope to be a simple issue. If I browse to any site collection from any of my three web applications from the client, pages render normally without any challenge/response. However, if I attempt to open any of the above from the WFE server, I receive a challenge/response, and no matter which a/c is provided, after the third attempt a blank page is always returned. If I attempt the same from one of the application servers, then there is no challenge/response, and all pages render without issue (all Web Apps are using hostnames). I cannot currently understand why I receive this issue from only the WFE. However, if I add a custom port binding, and call the same site by http://<servername>:customport/ then this will work.

    I've checked the following:

    1. Windows firewall is switched off.

    2. Windows authentication is enabled.

    3. IE Enhanced Security Configuration is disabled for Admins.

    4. Trusted sites.

    5. Site is returned as stopped if stopped in IIS (thus confirming that the resolution is not an issue).

    Hopefully this is just a school boy error! Can anyone make further suggestions?

    Regards, Andy Talbot http://www.SharePointAndy.com
    Friday, February 18, 2011 11:46 AM