Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Sites - Drawbacks of a Groups only approach?


  • Hi!

    I'm sure this question is asked many times before, but I would like to have view the question in context of a future integration of office groups and team sites.

    If only the document functionality of a SharePoint site is needed - would you recommend new small companies to use a Office 365 Group to store documents that should be accessible to all users.

    As a consultant implementing Office 365 with small companies I find that introducing the SharePoint functionality causes a lot of confusion. But usually everyone have a need for storing shared documents. 

    Could we say that creating a "Shared Documents Group" Office 365 group is an acceptable alternative for small companies not needing the other functionality offered by a Team site?

    And would a future integration of SharePoint and Office Groups make the question irrelevant?

    Thanks for any thought


    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 7:33 AM

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  • SharePoint groups are going to collide with team sites in the future. There is no explicit roadmap for that i'm aware of but reading between the lines it's pretty obvious.

    Groups are limited in terms of metadata, management, oversight and other enterprise grade features. However for small companies and if used right in larger companies they are awesome.

    For small, temporary or transient teams Groups are excellent. Full team sites give more potential for long standing teams. Ie. the IT department (even if there's two people in it) should have a SharePoint site as it'll be there for a long time. The office movement planning team may be happier with a group as you get the integration of emails and one-note as well as good enough document storage.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 8:27 AM