Send timesheet when project is checked-out RRS feed

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  • Hi.

    I'm using Project Server 2013, Single Entry Mode is being used and I have setup auto-approval for everything (just to test things).

    I'm querying the table dbo.MSP_EpmAssignmentByDay to get timephased ActualWork.

    When I send a timesheet, it gets auto-approved and tasks get updated with the work I've entered in the timesheet and my query returns the correct ActualWork.

    But, if I send the timesheet while the project is checked-out, the ActualWork I get back from querying dbo.MSP_EpmAssignmentByDay is not what was entered in the timesheet, it does not get updated.

    If, later, I check-in the project the query still does not return correct values.

    How can I get actual work from timesheets that were approved even while the project was checked out?

    Wednesday, May 13, 2015 5:58 PM