Windows 10 is coming. Any ideas, suggestions, or excitement with relation to EMET RRS feed

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  • This is an open question. I have 4.1 installed and working at amximum settings on my Windows 7 SP! platform. No problems.
    Monday, June 8, 2015 3:08 PM

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  • For the past couple of hours, I have pored over any new information on EMET upgrades (5.2) and compatibility issues. I am a little dumbfounded when seeing the number of initial glitches. That is always the picture when upgrades come out. I realize that the 24 month support window is up in a few days for ver. 4.1, but I have decided not to upgrade to the EMET 5 series for a couple of very serious reasons:

    a) Some very reputable sources in the anti-exploit community have pointed out that 4.1 is a bit hard to exploit, and in my experience is also very, very flexible in the GUI. I have an offensive based defensive suite on my system, and make doubly sure that none of the applications, including EMET 4.1, is set to mitigate for those apps. This compartmentalizes in a fashion, against exploits. No prevention, just a better fly trap. I have found in EMET 4.1 the ideal 'quiet partner' with my other protections.

    c) I use the 'Maximum Protection' option in EMET. The main mitigations are all green, and I utilize the Application Window for any and all special appropriate options. I know my choice was correct, because anytime a protected application is updated, the older application becomes a shadow in the Application window, enabling easy removal of the older one. I then add the update, manually setting any special wildcards and/or mitigations to the same settings as the older app. Tinkering is the name of the game with the EMET 4.1 GUI, and I can live vicariously for a moment, being the captain of my machine for a moment!

    Monday, June 8, 2015 6:44 PM