Combining values from Custom and builtin text field, into another custom field (Part 2) RRS feed

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  • I previously asked a question about combining two fields in project to get values from both combined in a 3rd field and was shown the resolution and it worked for me.  However, I missed something. The solution I was provided worked for tasks, but not Summary items.

    The two fields I was trying to combine is a custom text field, and the builtin Unique ID field, below is the data I put in the formula (sample Data: Unique ID = 3923 & Text4 = 853):

    [Unique ID] & " / " & [Text4]

    The expected output with this is "3923 / 853"

    As I said, it works great for normal tasks, however with summary tasks, it does not populate the Unique ID, I'd only get "/ 853" for a summary task in that field.


    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 2:17 PM


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