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  • Hello everybody, I just bought an acer aspire 5630 with vista premium and it came with an integrated 4 in 1 memory card reader. The problem:

    When I insert a memory stick pro (sandisk 1GB) it detects it, and a few seconds later it sounds like if I have unplugged the stick out of the slot. I unplug and plug again and the same thing happens. It stops recognizing it. With other diffrent memory sticks reboots or freezes the system by just inserting the stick.


    Now I've inserted a 32MB memory stick (not pro) and it works just fine with it, later a inserted a memory stick micro (M2) of 512MB with an adapter and it worked fine too.


    Dont know if it is a capacity issue or a speed issue (MS PRO or MS NOT PRO).

    Anyone having similar memory card reader issues with vista, not only memory sticks. The chipset for the reader is ENE Technology

    Tuesday, May 8, 2007 5:01 AM

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  • I have this same issue. My computer, which came with Vista Home Premium and the slots for SD, Pro Duo, ect., will not read my m2 memory stick in the pro duo adapter. Did you ever get help with this?? I'm starting to think Vista was a bad idea...I mean, this is a simple storage device, how can it not detect it??? Its VERY frustrating.
    Saturday, May 16, 2009 6:11 PM
  • Good afternoon,

    Did you ask SanDisk manufacturer if they are aware of any compatibility issue between their memory sticks/the OS/the PC? Since you mentioned that basically sounds like if you are connecting/disconnecting the card from the reader (when you are not) might be kind of hardware incompatibility around. Looks like (and I am not 100% sure about it) you might need a driver in order to recognize sticks from 1GB and above due to lower than 1GB have no issues at all. Might be that you could just need to upgrade the driver from the manufacturer (Acer) and specially from the card reader.

    Other thing that you could try -if possible- is disconnect the card reader from your PC and connect it to a system with Windows XP (home/media center/pro) and try to read the 1GB stick. Most of the internal card readers are just USB internal connectors so, if you have other computer running with XP and you have an available internal onboard USB set of pins where you can connect your card reader from the Acer Aspire you will be able to discard the probability that the Operative System (Windows Vista) is the issue (I am not sure if you might need drivers for XP for your reader). If you are having the same problem with this under XP, seems like the reader itself is maybe defective and then you will have to contact Acer and claim the warranty (if is still valid)

    Please let me know...


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    Tuesday, May 19, 2009 8:48 PM