Use of UAG/IAG to create an email filter within OWA? RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    I've been looking at whether it would be possible (and, whether it would be realistic to consider) the ability to use features of this package to filter out specific emails on a users OWA client. 

    We have content that we aren't able to make available outside of our network, and this would usually be marked with a "RESTRICTED:" in the subject of the email.  As this is the marking system, it would be the case for any emails where the content should not be available outside the LAN.  Currently, these users simply don't have access to their OWA. 

    Looking into the features, it seems like it might be possible to remove these emails from pages with the use of SRA and/or AppWrap rules to control the content that goes out, does anyone have any experience in trying to use these to restrict OWA content?

    In an ideal situation, we would be providing what would appear to be "normal" OWA access, but with these emails removed from the stream.  If that's unlikely to be possible, one of the other things I considered would be removing message previews and then using SAR/AppWrap rules to prevent a "RESTRICTED:" email from being opened in the preview pane or as a popout message. 

    If anyone has looked into something similar, any advice is appreciated.


    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:54 PM