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  • Hi,

    I hope that maybe I missed something important regarding App-V 5.0 package management

    with all the good things that App-V 5.0 brought, in App-V 4.6 if I had an oracle client package I could connect multiple packages to it with the DSC and define the LOCAL_INTERACTION tag different in each package.

    in App-V 5.0, I know that Name objects and COM objects integration are not the same feature as the local interaction, but as 4.6 some of the packages need it and some doesn't. and I KNOW all the packages in a connection groups must have the same com configuration, otherwise they just won't be published.

    so what I need to do in this kind of scenario is for every middle-ware package I need to create multiple versions:
    one with name objects, one with com objects, one with both, one with "OutofprocessEnabled=true"..... etc...

    and for each package that need to integrate with the middle-ware - I create a connection group based on the primary's package COM behavior.

    it's kinda bummer. So far, Oracle Client packages only cause me to manage 8 packages. in 4.6 I managed 3!
    and I'm only talking about oracle!
    as far as I remember, all the trusted resources show that it is not a solution to just enable all the objects options for all packages. (which could save me a lot of maintenance but I don't want to have other problems)

    what I hope I missed is that there might be an option to define the COM integration for each connection group and not for each package.

    is there such a thing???

    What do you guys do in this situation?  I can only assume every company with a big scale of App-V usage have this issue

    any news in App-V 5.1 regarding this issue?


    Tamir Levy

    Monday, August 31, 2015 8:06 AM

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  • May I ask why you might not just set the COM option in all of those apps in the Connection group and deploy them that way to everybody rather than off in some cases? What is your concern with doing that way?

    I suspect this is not an issue for most and that's how they handle it. I'm in a large scale environment now but we only have about 500 applications. I have not had a problem, yet. I also didn't see this as a problem in my previous two App-V customer projects...so maybe I'm missing something!

    You could request this as a feature, by the way by logging it:


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    Monday, August 31, 2015 2:57 PM
  • Well rorymon, as much as I'm an App-V expert, all the people I've learned from, and some of them are App-V PFEs guided me not to enable those tags on unless I have to.

    So what you're saying, in all of your packages you mark the COM as integrated by default?

    our environment have more than 1,000 packages. most of them are still in App-V 4.6 because of many reasons

    Tamir Levy

    Monday, August 31, 2015 7:53 PM
  • Have you tested this in 5.1 - we have addressed the COM convergence. 

    Steve Thomas, Senior Consultant, Microsoft

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    Sunday, October 18, 2015 4:49 AM
  • Hi Steve.

    In App-V 5.1 it should work with 2 different COM integration settings?

    we're still in the progress of migrating to 5.1. it requires some politics.

    but just to understand

    if I have a connection group of 2 packages: A. COM Isolated, B. COM Integrated

    and App-V 5.1 should make it work this way - what will be the winning setting? priority based?

    besides Steve, because I admire your knowledge with App-V I will be glad to hear from you if you would recommend to just mark the COM options on all packages by default?


    Tamir Levy

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:50 PM
  • No Tamir,

    I don't think it's resolved in App-V 5.1 either. We recently migrated to App-V 5.1 and lots of positives but .. ya We have to have COM Integration settings same in all the packages in a connection group. This remains a concern for us as well.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 8:13 PM