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  • hi all ;

    Request a help on the below issue .

    i have created a text feild custom feild at task level on PWA 2013 .

    i want to have all the milestones on a master plan so that we can track them consolidately .

    in the sub project we have populated the value for this task level custom feild in gantt chanrt as well as in task usage view in MS prject 2013 and saave and published the plan .

    now i have linked this task in tthe master project by adding the below command on the predecesort tab <>\plan name\task ID .

    however the value of the text feild doesnt roll up on the master .

    please advis

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 7:26 AM

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  • Hi,

    I am not sure why you want to roll up a text field. Consider this: You insert multiple sub project reference tasks into the masterplan, and all milestones/tasks have different text values in your custom field. If all are to be rolled up, which of the them is the one to roll up?

    My suggestion. Created a Masterplan which contains all the key delivery dates/milestones. Insert the entire subproject(s) into the masterplan, and link the important milestones to you "master plan key milestones".

    Finally create a view that only shows e.g. milestones and you Gantt chart and custom fields should be fine.

    Peter Kestenholz, MVP Partner and Business Consultant Projectum

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 7:21 PM
  • Hi peter ;

    thank you for checking this .

    sorry for the confusion by using the word roll up

    here are the plan names :

    subproject :TEST PLAN

    Master Plan :TEST PLAN master

    Cutom feild name : Rag Status

    the custom feild is task level and type text and <label for="radioAssignmentCalcRolldown" id="radioAssignmentCalcRolldownLbl">Roll down, unless manually specified</label>

    so i have updated the value for a custom feild as A2 in my subproject for a task in gantt chart view

    now i want to link this task in my master in such a way that the value A2 for this custom feild comes up in my master along with other information like start date ,end date etc

    SO in the master plan i link this task by typing

    <>\TEST PLAN \3 in the predessors tab.

    the task is shown in the master and all other information for this task like start date,end date etc is pulled in the master plan but the value for this custom feild comes up blank

    ALL i want to do is populate the value A2 in my master for this milestone andwill do the similar steps for other milestones so that i have all the mile stones in one plan .


    please advise , i guess i am doing something wrong here or any other best suggestions to achive this

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 8:45 PM