Need to populate a date based on another fields value RRS feed

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  • I have a two part question (should be simple) regarding populating a date field based on another fields value. 

    Here is the scenario:

    I have a workflow phase field and I have various date fields for each of the workflow phase values

    For example:

    Workflow Phase Field Values:





    I also have corresponding date fields for each workflow phase:

    Date Proposed

    Date Initiated


    If I set the value of the workload phase field to "Initiate" I need the Date Initiated field to have the value of the date the "initiate" was selected. The challenge here is if I use the Current Date Function every day is a new day and the "Current Date" value will always change the Date Initiated Field value. How can I enter a date based on the value selected in the Workflow Phase field without it changing each day? I want to capture the history of when the project entered each workflow.

    Second part of the question:

    If the Workflow Phase field value changes from Initiate to Execute, I would like the Date Initiated value to remain and the new Date Executed value to populate the "Date Executed" field. 


    Monday, April 1, 2019 9:01 PM